Acceptable Failure

Well, I suppose it all depends on what you consider as acceptable.

I’d hoped for a post every day but its not happening: not because I don’t have anything to write about, far from it. It is finding the time currently to sit down and get the stuff out of my head and onto the screen: mostly, if I want to do that now, it is going through the writing (or into the Other Blog) and then it becomes a case of trying to separate my personal stuff out, and the realisation that actually, I’m not great talking about myself. In fact, if truth be told, I’d be happier most days if I didn’t at all. This does not make for a great Blogging life, and so it occurs to me I need to work on that. Not to the point, of course, where every tiny detail of my psyche is yours to examine, but so I have some focus, and that’s the same problem I have everywhere really.

It is not helping that I’m not sleeping well, and this gradual erosion of my regular patterns is all very well on Tuesday but it will mean by Friday that I’m a mess. This is therefore something that needs addressing, and I am quietly aware of that being at the centre of a lot of my niggles. What I’d normally do in these situations is sit down and write myself a list of stuff, but that involves me actually WANTING to sit down and write the list, and the dark days/ snow/cold weather are doing strange things to my ability to be properly organised. Hence this is me, sitting here, making myself get up after this and get a pad/pencil and damn well do something about it.

I’m still not sure how the favourite Shirts thing is going to work either, which is not helping my progression plans, but in good news I have completed a project that I started for my daughter at the weekend, so I can at least feel as if I’ve done something towards progression today.

Right then, this is me, going off and kicking myself in the behind. Listen for the screams later.

The Great Adventure

Today has been a lot about the words.

I’ve been flitting between projects for a couple of days: finishing things that were half-done (one at least unlikely ever to see the light of day but I needed to finish it regardless) and have settled on working on what was my first ‘complete’ NaNo project, even if it technically wasn’t as I got to 50k without an actual ending. I left myself with a conundrum last night that I came back to this morning and was able to solve, and across the rest of the day pieces have slowly fallen into place, to the point where an ending is in sight.

In the middle of this I wrote a decent piece (finally) for the Other Blog where I’ve been struggling for a few days. Clearly I needed one prompt to push another. I’m very happy with every word I’ve used today, I don’t think any have gone to waste. In fact, if you will excuse me, I’m off to continue with my progress…

/pokes self

I’ll be honest, I’ve not felt much like writing since the back end of last week. I’m finally recovering from a beautiful attack of the Lurgi (itchy throat this time last week just went downhill from there) and although I’m still coughing, it is infinitely better than it was. This should (hopefully) mean that I can get back to plans.

I suspect Favourite Shirts may end up as a separate web project, it will depend on whether I can get a layout together that I’m happy with. Needless to say, I’ll let you know. Writing projects that are not at The Other Blog continue apace, and I’ve already managed a full session at the Gym so far (despite coughing my way through the entire thing.) Today will be light Yoga and fasting (which I reckon I should be able to do on the levels of energy I’m currently running on) as we attempt to move back to the 5:2 plan with some form of regularity after Christmas. This is the most optimistic I’ve felt for a while on the exercise front, and it is certainly the lightest I’ve been: I slipped under 160 pounds last week without ceremony and it is a momentum I fully intend to capitalise on in the weeks that follow.

I’m also utterly besotted by my music (what else is new) and on that point, let me leave you with this as I go. The strings… oh the strings :O

Favourite Shirts

New Month, New Project by AlternativeGodmother

I started blogging at the Other Place FOUR YEARS ago today.

I thought I’d use this major anniversary to launch a secondary project, which for now will be bolted onto the Blog here. I love t-shirts, and although I don’t have anything approaching a huge collection I thought it might be an idea to share the ones I have, to talk about my love of shirts and share my favourite places to shop. Therefore, Favourite Shirts was born. I made my own logo: kitchen table, self-penned label, which seemed appropriate.

Needless to say, more details will appear here in the next few days.

New Project

I have a cunning plan.

It is one of the reasons I have been quiet this week. It will involve a section of this site, and it will involve a job I used to have before the kids were born. For now, I am gathering my¬†props. When I have them, and I’m ready, you’ll hear about it.

Watch this space.

Red Alert!

The snow’s coming!

The last few days have been incredibly cold, and now I am informed by the lack of anything on the shelves and a queue in the Bakery that yes, we might have a bit of bad weather on the way. No matter, I’m going great guns on the writing, and even managed to negotiate myself out of a minor funk once it became apparent the job I’d gone for isn’t mine. It is their loss.

I’ve also successfully completed two fast days this week, though I did fail on my Yoga this morning and as a result will need to slip a session in tomorrow morning. Again I’ve had a 10k steps day, hope to increase that to two next week and work from there. I’ve also set myself a completely realistic ‘lose one pound a week’ plan with the Fitbit and logging calorie counts on the day is proving a very strong incentive to not nibble between meals. If I can get to the end of January and break my previous low weight record I will be extremely happy indeed. It should be doable, I just have to resist the temptations, and cold mornings do make it hard work. I’ll get there.

Novel really is going well: having successfully stitched one section to another, I am working my way through the narrative and picking up on the areas where I didn’t know what to do and simply skipped forward to the bits I could write. I’m beginning to grasp just how much I’ve learnt in the last couple of years, from the OU Courses and elsewhere, and I’m putting that new knowledge to good use. I’m hoping this will make for an immersive narrative: certainly I’m having huge fun writing it, which counts for a lot. It does mean I forget to update here though, so consider me suitably chastised on that front. Tonight I’d expect some more progress, if only to take my mind off my Fast Day calorie limit being used up by lunchtime… ^^

Starting Again Properly

My Fitness Guru by AlternativeGodmother
My Fitness Guru, a photo by AlternativeGodmother on Flickr.

What with it being the start of the year and all, it seemed the right time to do things properly.

My original Fitbit went missing towards the end of last year, and only when it had gone did I realise how motivational it had been. Therefore it was a no-brainer to ask for Father Christmas to bring me a new one, and ever since late December this little fella has been glued to my bra strap. It records steps, calories and floors climbed, all of which is sent via wireless to a dongle plugged into the PC. It also woks via Bluetooth on my iPad or iPhone so wherever I go I have an idea of what I’m doing. It is the best thing I personally have found to keep me on top of how much exercise I do (or don’t) and the website is a great way to keep abreast of other issues like calories (which I intend to use more of as time goes on.) I know I need to be fitter than I am and weigh less, and this is by far the best way I’ve found of managing both. Your mileage may vary.

Last week was very much a Quality of Life improvement exercise: a new support pillow for bed (and my neck, which is already feeling the benefits) a new keyboard for the iPad (and clamshell protection, which has already paid for itself in novel editing time) and finally getting myself to sit down with Etsy to replace a ring I lost close to two decades ago, but have missed ever since. Etsy is a dangerous place, and I have to be careful not to go too close because of the potential consequences to my bank account, but things are looking reasonably healthy this month. In fact, I will go to the Bank tomorrow and pay in some money which should leave me better off than I have been for quite a while. Hooray for gradual improvement.

Finally, expect next week to be quite busy on the angst front: I’ve applied for a job (again) and now have to go through the painful process of waiting to hear whether I was considered. I suspect as the week goes on I will start bouncing off walls…


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